Daffodil Project returns to the Bronx; free bulbs in remembrance of 9/11, COVID-19 victims

The 21st annual Daffodil Project is back in the Bronx, hosted by the group New Yorkers for Parks that began after the tragic events on Sept. 11, 2001.
The daffodil bulbs will be planted by Bronx residents – each honoring the lives lost in the terror attack and commemorating those who died in the COVID-19 pandemic.
The event was held at Mill Pond Park. Similar events have been held in Union Square and Staten Island.
News 12 saw Bronx residents steadily come throughout the morning. Some took a handful of daffodil bulbs, while others took sacks of bulbs. Many people are ready to plant them soon throughout the Bronx in parks and community centers.
"I'm a gardener, so for me, it's a signal that growing season is going to start. I feel excited. I usually plant daffodils in a series of street trees between my garden, my apartment, and my church," said April Hurley, a volunteer.
There are going to be two more giveaway events in Queens and Brooklyn. The group urges individuals to register for those interested in participating and receiving bulbs before picking them up.