Dance groups cancel Lunar New Year performance due to coronavirus fears

The Brooklyn Senior Dance Group was called in to perform for a Lunar Near Year celebration at Maimonides Medical Center after two groups from Flushing canceled due to fears over the coronavirus.
Some Chinese members of the community say that fear of the virus is doing more damage than the new virus itself.
Steven Mei, the director of the Chinese-American Planning Council, says this time of year is supposed to be celebrated between friends and family in the community.
"Anything that disrupts that is frustrating for sure," Mei says.
He says the fear surrounding coronavirus is also having an impact on businesses in Sunset Park.
Mei says people are staying away from Chinese restaurants or other places that would normally be busy during the Lunar New Year.
He is encouraging people to stay safe but also not to be scared of any group of people in the community.
"Some folks are targeting community members who are wearing masks," Mei says. "And masks don't mean that they're sick. For them, it's a preventative measure."