Dance legend 'Mambo King' to teach salsa at Bronx dance studio

Dancing legend Eddie Torres is now teaching his famous salsa steps at a dance studio in the Bronx.
Vida Dance Company is the home of Latin dance, and two days a week, a legendary duo of mambo dancers uses the space to teach.
"I always wanted to see this dance rise up to the classic forms into being admired, respected and enjoyed, and now it is worldwide," said Torres, Mambo King.
Professional dancer Eddie Torres has been dancing for more than 20 years.
Together with his wife, Maria, they have taken their love of dance around the world, and now people in the Bronx community are getting a chance to learn from the two legends.
"We just love to have them around because they were the pioneers and ambassadors of our dance and for us to have them here is just an honor," said Javier Vasquez, owner of Vida Dance Company.
Eddie and Maria teach salsa every Wednesday and Sunday at Vida Dance Company.