Delrawn Small Way: Street renaming honors man fatally shot by police

A Brooklyn family received recognition for their lost loved one on Saturday after he was shot and killed by police in 2016.
Friends, neighbors and family members gathered on Bradford Street and Atlantic Avenue where Delrawn Small died for the unveiling of “Delrawn Small Way.”
Small was shot and killed in front of his infant son and girlfriend by NYPD Officer Wayne Issacs on July 4, 2016. Isaacs was cleared of murder and manslaughter charges in Brooklyn Supreme Court, but in May, the Civilian Complaint Review Board announced that the investigation into Small’s death would continue. 
"Taxpayers shouldn't have to pay this officer's salary," said one community member. "He killed Delrawn and he should be held accountable." 
Pat Lynch -- The Police Benevolent Association President of New York City -- issued a statement on the prosecution saying, "The CCRB is simply looking for a third bite at the apple in order to justify their bloated budget and advance their anti-cop agenda."
In addition to the approval of the street renaming, the city paid $125,000 to Small’s family in a settlement, saying it was in the best interest of the city.