Demand increases for more shelters as buses of migrants arrive from Texas

A shelter shortage across the five boroughs has led to demands from advocates for local officials to open more shelters in New York City.
This comes on the heels of recent arrivals of immigrants that Texas Gov. Greg Abbott sent to New York. Local leaders and advocates gathered outside City Hall to demand increased shelters across the city. 
Mayor Eric Adams says nearly 70 migrants arrived in New York City on buses from Texas, adding to the thousands who have already arrived.
The Coalition for the Homeless says the surge for shelter housing was caused by the increase in evictions this year and the shortage of lawyers to represent tenants in housing court, as COVID-19 protections for tenants ended earlier this year. 
New York City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams released the following statement: “While there may be a rise in asylum seekers in New York City, this does not mean they are to blame for issues that have historically plagued our system. We need a clearer picture of the scope of the problems affecting the shelter system and the ways that the Administration will mitigate them, including adequate support for asylum seekers.”
Speakers outside City Hall said they won't stop calling on those in charge to step up and help those seeking shelter.