Dept. of Housing Preservation and Development orders emergency repairs for East New York apartment

A fourth floor apartment within the Linden Plaza apartment complex is filled with black mold, a rodent infestation and leaking water.
Rosalind Kitchens says these consistent housing issues that have lasted since 2019, and that she has filed multiple 311 complaints.
"Since July 3 of 2023, it has gotten completely worse because the walls are cracking. I see bubbles of water in the wall, you can hear the water running down," Kitchens said as she stood in a puddle of water formed outside the door leading to her apartment. "Gnats are all over the place, and mice galore. I never had mice before."
The Department of Housing Preservation and Development were notified about the ongoing issues inside of Kitchens' apartment, and say they are currently working to address a number of the day-to-day problems.
"HPD inspectors visited the tenant’s apartment last night and have issued violations including two that are considered emergency repairs. Every tenant deserves a clean and safe place to call home, and we are committed to making this a reality at Linden Plaza," said Natasha Kersey, deputy press secretary at Department of Housing Preservation and Development.
Kersey also says the department is working to create a long-term capital plan to rectify the current conditions and significantly improve the quality of life at Linden Plaza.
"HPD is working closely with Linden’s current owner towards a transfer of the development to new ownership and is also developing a plan to fund the rehabilitation of the entire campus," said Kersey.
News 12 reached out to the Ry Management group about the ongoing issues at Linden Plaza development. The management company did not reply for comment.