Disrupting the Hate: Art exhibit opens to honor man fatally shot in 2017

A Brooklyn mother is honoring her son through art on the fifth anniversary son's death with a new exhibit at the Brooklyn Public Library.  
The exhibit called “Disrupting the Hate” honors the life of Melquain Anderson who was fatally shot while waiting for a bus outside of the Farragut Houses in Oct. 2017.  
“Disrupting the Hate” presented by The Melquain Jatelle Anderson Foundation, which is run by Andersons family, is an exhibition designed to promote healing and community. 
Local artists shared photographs, paintings, illustrations, and poetry created in response to violence and mental illness. 
The five-day exhibit started on Oct. 21, which would have been Melquain’s 32nd birthday and it goes through to the 25th – the day he was murdered.