Distribution of Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine is underway - what's next?

What can we expect now that distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine is underway?
Dr. Sharon Nachman is the head of pediatric infectious diseases at Stony Brook Children's Hospital and director of the Office of Clinical Trials.
This new vaccine differs from the two already in use in the U.S. Dr. Nachman speaks about how it works below:
Johnson & Johnson plans to test its coronavirus vaccine in infants and even in newborns, as well as in pregnant women and in people who have compromised immune systems.
The bold plan for expanded clinical trials met with the approval of Dr. Ofer Levy, director of the Precision Vaccines Program at Harvard's Boston Children's Hospital and a member of the Food and Drug Administration advisory committee that reviewed the company's vaccine data.
Johnson & Johnson will first test its vaccine in children older than 12 and under 18, but plans to immediately after begin a study that includes newborns and adolescents. Dr. Nachman talks about the trials:
There seems to be a lot of concern over pregnancy and the COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Nachman talks about trials on pregnant women: