DMX’s half-brother shares impact the rapper had on him in exclusive interview

After weeks of tributes around Yonkers, the country and the world, one of DMX's siblings is talking exclusively to News 12.
Joseph Barker is one of DMX's half-brothers, and shares with News 12 the impact that DMX had on him.
While people stop to take photos of a mural of DMX, whose real name was Earl Simmons, Barket says he only sees his brother.
"That's my big brother. I had to share him with the world and that's fine. That's what you have to do when you're a sibling of someone who is famous," he says.
They share a dad and plenty of stories.
"For a kid that probably never thought he was going to get out of the neighborhood, I've seen a lot of places and it was all because of him," he says.
They had a sibling relationship that included teasing each other, but it was also full of love.
"His name was Earl so we called him Squirrel. He had his nickname for me. I cannot say it on camera," he says.
They also shared milestones, like DMX's wedding.
"I'm going to miss him every day. He was an excellent human being," says Barker.
Barker says what has stunned him the most is the incredible outpouring of love he has seen since DMX died earlier this month at age 50 - including the vigils, murals and the riders.
"It's hard for me to listen to his music because I can't escape it," says Barker
Baker says that he is focusing on the impact his brother had on him and being there for DMX’s children.