DNA Center unveiled at City Tech for middle, high school students

A state-of-the-art DNA center was unveiled at City Tech on Friday. 
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory partnered with the CUNY school to offer specialized science classes to students in the largest and most diverse school district in the country. 
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory and CUNY officially opened the center at the City College of Technology campus. 
The facility is 18,000 square-feet in size and will offer lab-based STEM learning in biology and genetics. 
Middle and high school students can conduct hands-on experiments in areas like genetics, anatomy and physiology. 
News 12 is told that more than 30,000 students are expected to come through every year. The rally wants to level the playing field of science by getting underrepresented students involved. 
“It's very important that in the sciences we have inclusion in all aspects of society and people in society in learning about a science,” says Bruce Stillman, President and CEO of Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. 
Officials say that the pandemic has spurred conversation around science and that it's important to encourage budding scientists. 
“This is the wave of the future in terms of careers and good jobs here in New York and it's perfect timing as we're trying to kick back our economy after the pandemic,” says CUNY Chancellor Felix Matos Rodriguez.
News 12 is told that two of the labs will be devoted to college-level courses and that scholarships will be offered for students who need it.