Doctor: Younger women are getting breast cancer, get screened earlier

Doctors tell News 12 they are detecting breast cancer in a growing number of younger women.
"You're seeing more breast cancer in women under 50? Yes, for sure and that's what the data tells us," says Dr. Susan Boolbol, chief of Nuvance Health breast surgery and breast cancer programs.
Dr. Boolbol says women should start getting mammograms at 40. For those who are at above average risk for cancer, she suggests getting a screening before turning 40.
Boolbol recommends women speak to their doctors about risk assessment and what age they should start screening mammograms. But she says by 40, all women should be getting screened.
"Number one risk factor is being a woman, second risk factor is getting older. Third risk factor is family history," says Boolbol.
Boolbol tells News 12 that even if breast cancer does not run in one's family, that does not mean their risk for cancer is automatically lower.
"Women come into my office all the time at 60 years old, never had a mammogram because no family history. Well about 70% or more of women who develop breast cancer are the first in their family to get breast cancer," says Boolbol.