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'Doesn't make sense': Bronx family searching for missing 39-year-old mother

The family says Wesley’s EBT card was swiped in Virginia Beach, which they find suspicious because they say she has no connections there.

News 12 Staff

Jul 27, 2021, 11:54 PM

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A Bronx daughter is asking the community for help in searching for her mother, who has been missing since Wednesday.
The family says 39-year-old Tiffanie Wesley vanished without a trace.
They say the last place she was seen was on Crotona Avenue. The family says her ID, keys and belongings are all at home.
Her daughter, Queenasia Rosario, says she dropped her son off at school and then called her sister, but that nothing was out of the ordinary.
Her family says they went into her apartment and found what they say is a note left by Wesley, mentioning "Virginia" and police officers. They say this only caused them to worry even more.
"Our reaction is I think my mother is dead and that's crazy. That's crazy," says Rosario. "And she said 'Help the officers view things from a wider view.' The officers, who was she talking about? She knew we were going to come looking for her."
Wesley's sister says she spoke to her on the phone the day she went missing.
"To be honest, the conversation was regular. I told her I love her, she told me she loves me, and I said I'll see her when I get back into town," said Kathryn Wesley.
The family says Wesley has a history of domestic abuse from prior relationships and thinks that could be involved.
News 12 caught up with the father of Wesley's son, Demetrick Armstrong, who said he has no idea where she is.
"Well, the cops called me right now and told me I am a suspect," said Armstrong. "And I don't know how because I would never hurt this woman. I don't hit women. That's something I don't do."
Rosario says the only lead they have is that Wesley’s EBT card was swiped in Virginia Beach - the state mentioned in the note.
Rosario believes that perhaps her mother knew she was in danger and that's why she left the note. The family says anyone with information is asked to call police.
She says it is completely out of character.
“My mom would never leave her kids. No. My mom doesn’t do stuff like that, she loves her family. She loves everybody that she speaks to and spends time with. My mom just stays in the house and prays all day, like she doesn’t have much of a social life or anything like that so for her to disappear for days, not for no vacation or anything like that. It doesn’t make sense,” says Rosario.

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