Dog owner continues to search for pup stolen outside of a McDonald’s

A dog owner says her 3-year-old American Bully was stolen outside of a McDonald’s last week.
Dog owner Nicole Polsinelli says her boyfriend was walking with two dogs, Havoc and Rogue, when he stopped inside a McDonald’s at the corner of Broadway and Grates around 8 p.m. last Thursday.
Polsinelli says her boyfriend tied the dogs up outside and was watching them from inside. She says Havoc was then taken when her boyfriend turned away to pay.
There is surveillance video from the area that shows a man running away with one of the dogs.
Havoc is described as having black fur with a white patch on his chest and neck.
Polsinelli says she is offering a reward for the person who returns her dog.
The NYPD says they are investigating the alleged dognapping.