DOT to fine drivers caught with overweight vehicles on BQE, starting Monday

The city's Department of Transportation says drivers will face fines for overweight vehicles on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway starting Monday.
The fines will start at $650.
"Overweight trucks are not allowed in NYC but, now we have the technology," said NYC Department of Transportation Commissioner Ydanis Rodriguez.
New weigh-in-motion enforcement sensors have been installed by the Department of Transportation on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway when traveling Queens-bound. Each sensor will be able to track the weight of each vehicle, and is synced with license plate cameras, Rodriguez tells News 12.
"The BQE is an old infrastructure, built more than 80 years ago. When we put more weight on the BQE, we have to do more closures and work." Rodriguez said.
The number of overweight trucks on the BQE's triple cantilever "dropped 55% after NYC DOT began issuing warnings to the operators of overweight trucks", says a DOT spokesperson.
The Department of Transportation is in the process of installing more weigh-in-motion enforcement sensors on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway for drivers traveling in the Staten Island bound direction as well.