Dozens of Bay Ridge residents report vandalized cars, call on police for help

Bay Ridge residents are calling on the police for help after dozens in the area reported vandalized cars.
In the past several weeks, more than 30 Bay Ridge residents say they found their tires were slashed and cars were scratched.
Gale Young says she parked her car between 88th Street and Narrows Avenue a couple of weeks ago. When she attempted to drive her car, she quickly realized something was wrong.
She pulled over to check what was wrong and realized both tires on the passenger side were punctured. Her car was scratched from front to back.
Young says she later learned through the Facebook group "Bay Ridge Talk" that she was not alone. Dozens of others who parked their cars nearby on Shore Road also say they have found their cars in a similar condition in the past several weeks.
Young tells News 12 the area is very dark at night and there aren't any security cameras outside. She says she and her neighbors have reached out to the police and local leaders to change that.
Young tells News 12 the damage to her car is going to cost her more than $2,000. She's hoping the person or people responsible are found soon and held accountable.
Anyone with information about these incidents is asked to call the police.
In response to more than 30,000 vandalism complaints they've received, police tell News 12 they've deployed neighborhood coordination officers, patrol officers and anti-crime personnel to the area to conduct patrols to monitor and search for suspects.
The detective squad has also increased personnel to help enhance the ongoing investigation. As for the city's Parks Department, they tell News 12 that they are aware of the request for more resources and are in communication with the Department of Transportation and the NYPD regarding lighting on Shore Road.