Drivers feeling the financial burden on day two of citywide toll increases

New Yorkers commuting into Manhattan are now facing more expensive tolls when crossing MTA bridges and tunnels.  
From the Verrazzano Bridge to the Whitestone Bridge, everyone will now pay more for tolls. The rate for New York E-ZPass holders has increased 39 cents from $6.55 to $6.94. For those who receive their bill in the mail or are not holders of a New York E-ZPass, the price is up $1.02, from $10.17 to $11.19. 
"This is no good, the feeling is no good. Money is expensive, income is very low right now,” said taxi driver Sheikh Salim. “It just adds to the misery because everything is going up -- food, gas, you name it." 
Robert Sinclair, with AAA, has become familiar with drivers' disdain for toll hikes and has suggestions to those who are feeling the financial burden.  
“Talk to your friends and neighbors and perhaps come up with a carpool,” said Sinclair, who says there are downsides to carpooling. “There are the insurance implications of having people in your car if something does happen." 
The MTA says tolls will go up again by 4% in 2025 and then once again in 2027.