DSNY, elected officials using surveillance to crack down on illegal dumping

Elected officials and the city Department of Sanitation are fighting back against illegal dumping.
Fines for illegal dumping can range anywhere from $4,000 to $18,000, and both the vehicle owner and operator are legally responsible for illegal dumping.
Thanks to a $180,000 allocation from Council Member Rafael Salamanca, the South Bronx will see an additional 15 illegal dumping surveillance cameras.
“We have many bad actors,” said Salamanca. “Not just in this community, but that come from outside communities to come and illegally dump in our communities.”
The funds will cover personnel expenses to monitor and investigate these incidents. DSNY says summonses for illegal dumping have doubled since last year, with the number of impounded vehicles nearly tripling.
DSNY Commissioner Jessica Tisch says nearly 50 cameras have been installed citywide and that enforcement is working to prevent any illegal dumping.