DSNY showcases snow fleet ahead of winter snowfall

The city’s Department of Sanitation is preparing for upcoming snowfall as we make our way through the winter season and is showing off their snow fleets. 
More than 700 salt spreaders, 2,200 snowplows and dozens of bike lane plows are ready to hit the roads.  
The DSNY uses massive snowsheds across the city, which can hold over 5,000 tons of salt to mitigate any icy conditions that may hit the streets this winter.  
“We’ve got to plan for the worst and hope for the best,” said DSNY Commissioner Jessica Tisch. “The most difficult challenge in the winter is really a frozen precip storm. Ice always presents a bigger challenge than any snowstorm.” 
After all of the roadways are cleared, the snow collected gets transported to one of seven snowmelters, where the snow gets melted at 60 tons per hour.  
Tisch is reminding New Yorkers that unpredictable weather may also delay sanitation pickup times during the winter.