Dynasty George creator uses sustainably sourced fabric amid pandemic delay

Dynasty Casanova graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in 2016, and says she was ready to embark on her design journey. However, she quickly realized it wasn’t what she expected. 
Casanova raised $6,000 to start her business, Dynasty George, and found a manufacturer in India. 
Casanova makes clothing with sustainably sourced fabric. 
 "Fabric that would have been thrown away or burned because a lot of times, big fashion brands overproduce textiles,” said Casanova. 
However, she says due to the coronavirus pandemic, garment workers industry-wide have been taking a pay cut - but she says she wouldn’t allow it. 
“I told them how I'll pay full price, don't try and give me a discount like whatever price you give me, that's the price I'm going to pay just so that everyone is paid what your living wage is,” said Casanova. 
She says she has pushed forward and is eager to create her own path in the fashion industry.