E-bikes among top causes of fire-related deaths in NYC, officials say

A new partnership has been announced to combat the growing problem of fires that begin with faulty batteries on e-bikes.
The NYC Department of Small Business Services will be working with the mayor's administration to educate commercial business owners about these concerns.
Officials say that e-bike fires are tied for the top cause of fire-related deaths in the city.
Fire Marshall Daniel Flynn said the city's prevention team is working to ensure that inspections are a top priority but is calling on New Yorkers to be their eyes and ears.
"New Yorkers should call if they see things like batteries being charged less than three feet apart, more than five batteries being charged at once, using multiple extension chords to charge them," Flynn said.
He also advised people to report businesses using batteries that look like they may have been tampered with, or locations that look like they are not properly licensed.