E. New York residents fight reopening of compost site

Some East New York residents are fighting the reopening of a city-owned compost site in their neighborhood.
The 20-acre site in Spring Creek Park was shut down, attorneys say, because the city didn?t have the proper permits. Now, the Department of Sanitation wants to reopen the site.
The city?s plan has residents worried about health issues and the smell of the location. They fear the reopening will bring more dust and odors to the area.
Attorneys representing the residents said 15,000 tons of compost material will wreak havoc on a community that already has high asthma rates.
A city spokesman defended the plan to reopen the site. ?Composting is an environmentally sound way to reduce waste,? the spokesman said. ?The state also supports the Spring Creek facility and is defending the permit in the hearing.?
City lawyers also maintain there are no health risks associated with the compost facility.
Attorneys for opponents of the site said they will argue against the reopening before the Brooklyn Supreme Court and a state Department of Environmental Conservation law judge.