E-scooter pilot program moves forward in the East Bronx

Lime is moving full speed ahead with its East Bronx scooter pilot program this summer, hosting an event to let people take the electric scooters for a test ride.
The transportation company held "First Ride Academy" event to promote safe riding and raise awareness about the availability of the alternative method of driving around the borough.
Lime also offers equity pricing initiatives called "Lime Aid" and "Lime Access" that riders can sign up for, which provide discounts to front-line workers and New Yorkers eligible for state, local, and federal aid.
"We are thrilled to soon be launching scooters in New York City, and we'll continue conducting direct outreach to East Bronx residents throughout the summer," says Phil Jones, senior director of Government Relations at Lime. "Our goal is to allow people to hit the ground scooting safely and responsibly from day one, and to have as many eligible New Yorkers as possible sign up for Lime Access and Lime Aid, our global equity pricing programs."
The Department of Transportation announced the program in April, and is expected to bring at 3,000 scooters to the area.