East New York church serves Sunday hot meals to migrants coming into the city

A parish in East New York is stepping up to help migrant families in need by serving up hot meals on Sundays.
On a rainy, chilly Sunday night, the basement of St. Gabriel's Catholic Church was packed with migrant families enjoying hot meals. They were welcomed with open arms and homecooked foods like rice, beans, chicken and pork.
"You're not alone. We're here with you and we're here for you. Their needs are physical needs, but they're also need to feel that they belong and somebody wants them here," said the church's pastor, Father Ed Mason.
Mason has led the charge to feed over 100 families each Sunday since August. He said it's a community effort that survives on donations from neighboring parishes, Catholic Charities and volunteers.
"They have a lot of children, babies, they need Pampers, clothes, winter clothes, coats and food," said volunteer Lucraysa Ruber.
Mason said while his parish is happy to help, these asylum seekers need support and services from the city, state and federal government immediately.
"The city has placed them in shelters and walked away from them. I'm meeting families with children, two, three, four days in a shelter with no food that have not eaten," Mason said.
One migrant who arrived with his family in the city in September said it's been hard. He said they have no money, clothes, food or jobs, but finding this Sunday home isn't lost on him.
If you're interested in donating, the parish said you can bring food on Sundays at 3 p.m. or reach out to Catholic Charities.