East New York community leaders rally for traffic light following crash that injured 14

Community leaders in East New York are rallying to push for a traffic light to be installed at the intersection where a multivehicle crash involving an MTA bus injured 14 people.
Council member Charles Barron, and other leaders gathered at the corner of Essex Street and New Lots Avenue, the intersection where the accident happened.
Police say a Chevy Impala rear-ended a van, which then struck a Ford Escape. They say the Impala then hit an MTA bus.
The intersection has three lanes of traffic, four crosswalks and two bike lanes. There are only stop signs to help ensure everyone gets across safely.
Also fighting for change were members of Community Board 5, Man Up, Operation of Power and Nation of Islam.
Barron says residents have been complaining about safety issues at the intersection, but nothing has changed.
Department of Transportation officials say they have installed an all-way stop at the intersection and have begun a study to see if a light is needed.