East New York neighbors call for traffic changes to deter speedy drivers

Neighbors who live along New Jersey Avenue between Dumont and Livonia avenues in East New York are calling for changes to deter what they say are speedy drivers who come down their block.
They say they've been complaining about the speeding for nearly five years because it's caused several accidents.
Resident Alicia Crichton tells News 12 that she heard a loud bang outside her home on Aug. 22. She came outside to find her parked vehicle had been pushed onto the curb and struck on the driver's side.
Her vehicle was totaled, and the vehicle in front of hers was also damaged.
"My car actually ran into the car in front of it and totaled their trunk," she says.
Crichton says she wasn't surprised because drivers speed down the road daily, and especially at night.
"We were able to track them down because a wheel fell off at the corner of our street. So, that's how fast they were going, to the point where they hit my car that bad that their front passenger wheel fell off," she says.
Residents say they worry that if nothing is done by to solve the speeding issue on this road, even more severe accidents could happen.
Crichton says, "This could have been prevented with a speed bump, 'cause it's been years of requests and calling 311 and trying to figure out why we can't get a speed bump."
Nearby roads, like Bradford and Hinsdale streets, have speed bumps.
New Jersey Avenue residents say a speed bump would help with the problem, especially since there are children in the neighborhood and an elementary school right down the road.
"You know, is someone gonna have to die? What's gonna happen before they realize we need a speed bump on this block?" Crichton says.
News 12 reached out to the Department of Transportation for comment.