Elderly Bronx resident injured after ceiling collapse on Christmas

An elderly Bronx resident says she was injured on Christmas after her ceiling collapsed on top of her.  
Vidalina Negron says the New York City Housing Authority hasn’t done enough to help her out in the five days since.  
For the past year, Negron says she’s watched a small leak in her bedroom ceiling grow into severe water damage and mold throughout her Soundview apartment. Her daughter claims they’ve submitted repair tickets to NYCHA to fix this issue since April but no action was taken to permanently resolve it.  
“No one even comes,” said Negron. “They don’t care. Their answer is, ‘Oh, you’re not the only one having this issue.’.” 
The family did receive a call from maintenance while speaking with News 12 saying that they would come to fix the leak tomorrow.  
News 12 has reached out to NYCHA regarding these repairs and is awaiting their response.