Elderly Brownsville resident says she’s been living without heat for years

An elderly woman living in a Brownsville New York City Housing Authority building says she has been living without heat in her bedroom for years.  
The 85-year-old resident’s daughter, Barbara Hughes, tells News 12 that her 85-year-old mother is now sick and is struggling due to the lack of heat. Hughes also says that other units along the same pipeline are experiencing similar issues.  
“In the nighttime, I'll be freezing back there,” said the resident. “Give me some heat, where I can be comfortable in my own home.” 
Hughes says that the superintendent and a housing worker came to inform them that the problem relates to National Grid and to call them, and then they left.  
“I called housing and they said there's nothing they could do because the pipes is rusted and that down in the basement, the rats is down there. Nobody can get to the pipes,” said Hughes. 
NYCHA has told News 12 that they’re working to “expedite repairs” to an issue with the building’s heat distribution system.