Elected officials launch Bronx Cannabis Hub to support growing businesses

Elected officials and community groups came together on Sunday to launch the Bronx Cannabis Hub.
It is a new resource aimed at helping those who say they have been harmed by the war on legalizing cannabis.
When New York passed the Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act last year, they legalized adult recreational cannabis use. Organizers say this hub is aimed to ensure the residents who were wronged by the states’ previous set of laws that prohibited cannabis now have access to obtain the first retail licenses in the state.
This is part of an effort from The Bronx Community Foundation and The Bronx Defenders.
The hub will act as a place where interested cannabis sellers can learn how to navigate the industry, apply for licensing and get legal assistance.
In a statement, Cannabis attorney and founding collaborator of the hub Cristina Buccola said, "to be able to put my own stamp of approval on the resources coming through the hub is really tremendous to me.”
Another goal of the program is to prevent licenses from falling into the hands of big business.
"The same people who called the cops on Tyrone because he was smoking downstairs in front of their high-rise building... are the first people running to the front to be social equity applicants,” said Executive Director of Drug Policy Action Kassandra Frederique.
The hub said this is the first cannabis licensing program of its kind across the country to have a social equity component.