Elementary school students build laundromat in building

At PS 328, there's now a place for the members of the school community to wash their clothes, after a group of students helped to build a laundromat in their school.
The idea came from a group of fifth graders in a program called My Brother's Keeper, which empowers young boys to make an impact in the community.
"We wanted to make this laundromat because it helps a lot of people in need who can't clean their old clothes... you know, some people they don't have their own laundry room and it costs money, this is free," said Jordan James Emery, a P.S. 328 student.
With the help of school staff, they contacted state Sen. Roxanne Persaud, who helped put the plan into action.
"They outlined all of the reasons why a laundry room should be here," said Persaud. "Any question that I had, that they didn't have the answer to, their response was "we're going to look it up and get back to you"... and they did!"
The laundry room has 12 new machines that are open to students, faculty, and families of the school.