Emmanuel Whitmore says experience as small business owner make him fit for Brooklyn borough president

Emmanuel Whitmore says his experience as an activist and small business owner make him the best candidate for Brooklyn borough president.
Whitmore is a couture fashion designer based in Brooklyn who lost his store because of the pandemic.
"I'm running for a Brooklyn borough president for a couple of reasons. One, I was an actual person that was affected by the pandemic, I lost my store," he says.
Whitmore says his grandparents were from the Brownsville projects. Because of this, he says one of his priorities is housing.
"I would love to keep people in their homes," he says. "Stable rent that can be comfortable, programs that are not necessarily kept by the government, but are kept by communities, where they use tax dollars for education, but also buildings that would be designated for people that originally came here, stayed here."
Whitmore says he plans on supporting programs aimed to get people jobs.
"Art programs are primary examples for programs that would allow people to hire people who are out of work to help rebuild Brooklyn," he says.
Police brutality is another topic Whitmore says that needs to be addressed.
"East New York, Brownsville, Crown Heights, certain parts of Flatbush…those are the neighborhoods that the police are actually going into and they're actually being more aggressive, and those are the people we need fired if they have major crimes against them."
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