Environmental activists hold bike caravan in Brooklyn to oppose construction

Environmental activists held a bike caravan Sunday in northern Brooklyn to oppose the construction of new infrastructure at a National Grid facility.
The protesters started in Greenpoint and stopped at fire stations across the borough to encourage the FDNY to deny National Grid's permit applications for the new construction.
They're opposed to the new liquefied natural gas vaporizers that were proposed by National Grid at their Newtown Creek location, which borders northern Brooklyn and Queens.
Activists say they do not want fracked gas to be pumped or trucked here, which is part of National Grid's proposal to ensure reliability on the coldest winter days when demand is highest.
The protestors say the liquefied natural gas is explosive - and is an environmental injustice to communities who will be impacted by this project.
As part of their message, they're also taking a stand against plans for a pipeline in Minnesota - saying they're acting in solidarity with indigenous activists out there.
News 12 reached out to both the FDNY and National Grid for a response.