Eric Adams has been chosen as the next mayor of NYC, so what's next?

The people of New York City have spoken, and they have decided Eric Adams is the best fit to lead the city. So, what's next for the mayoral elect?
Come Jan. 1, Eric Adams will be the new man in charge in New York City being elected as the second Black man to become mayor in the Big Apple. Adams won 70% of the vote over his opponent Curtis Sliwa.
So, what are Adams' plans moving forward? He says he is focusing on the future of New York City starting with the youngest population. He wants to invest in early childhood education and create a safe and secure environment within public schools – a platform that could have swayed voters since which we have recently seen a lot of violence in and around educational buildings.
He also says he wants to focus in on safe and affordable housing for all New Yorkers.
A hot topic issue in this election - the violence across the city. The new mayor's plan moving forward is to get illegal guns off the streets and tackle violent crime. Of course, all these efforts to be funded by taxpayer dollars.
"This campaign was for those who have been betrayed by their government. There's a covenant between our government and the people of our city. You pay your taxes, and we deliver your tax dollars through goods and services. We have failed to provide those goods and services. January 1st, that stops."