Relentless heat lingers through the weekend in Brooklyn; possible pop-up thunderstorms

Exclusive: Pizza Hut employees working in extreme heat conditions as heat wave hits NYC

A Pizza Hut worker passed out on Wednesday and was taken to the hospital.

Shniece Archer and News 12 Staff

Sep 7, 2023, 10:03 PM

Updated 289 days ago


Although summer is coming to an end soon, New York is in heat wave mode and some Pizza Hut employees from Baychester told News 12 they would rather work outside because inside their location on Edson Avenue, they can barely breathe.
One of the managers said that once you step inside, your body starts to sweat.
"Right now, the working conditions inside my store are not the best personally. The AC unit, yeah it works, but it's not big enough for that store," said manager Cassidy Jordan.
Jordan also told News 12 the heat has become unbearable, and this has happened many times in the past, having reached triple-digit temperatures before.
A Pizza Hut worker passed out on Wednesday and was taken to the hospital. He said he has asthma and he felt like his body shut down under the extreme temperatures.
"I feel like the company just doesn't care about us employees because if we're complaining to our district manager and he's claimed that he's complaining to his manager then it obviously means they just don't care about this store," said the Pizza Hut employee.
News 12 reached out to the Pizza Hut Corporation regarding these working conditions, and it provided the following statement:
"The owner of this restaurant location is aware and is presently working to resolve the reported air conditioning issue.”
These pizza hut employees said working in 96-degree heat is unacceptable and they're hoping this changes quickly.

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