Exclusive: Tenant claims NYCHA employees broke in, stole personal belongings from her Mott Haven apartment

A Mott Haven tenant tells News 12 she was left shocked and confused after she claimed multiple NYCHA employees entered her apartment without her consent and got away with her personal belongings. 
Rasheena Williams shared exclusive Ring camera footage of what appears to be someone walking in and out of her apartment with bags. A complaint report obtained by police back on Oct.5, states that two men and a woman drilled the apartment door lock to get in. 
"Complete vandalism, my stuff was thrown everywhere, money was missing, I even called my neighbor at that exact second and showed her. My shopping bags were thrown everywhere, my house was just a complete wreck," said Williams. 
Williams tells News 12 her neighbor alerted her of the incident while she was at work. "So, I said to her what happened? She said, 'Oh you know that maintenance workers are in your apartment?' I said what," said Williams. 
Williams says management told her they were repairing an emergency leak and that her locks were changed shortly after.
Williams says she is scared for the safety of er family, "I have three young kids and for us to come home and see that and then no notification, it's really hurtful."
News 12 reached out to NYCHA for a statement, and they responded saying the incident is being investigated at this time.
Williams is asking for the alleged maintenance workers to be held accountable and for her belongings to be returned.