Experts judge best bagel in New York at Brooklyn’s BagelFest

Where can you find the best bagel in New York? The experts were at Bagelfest in Brooklyn Saturday to answer that question.
More than 50 bagel makers from around the city attended to show off their most delicious creations.
The event features an assortment of bagels including sourdough, rainbow-colored, along with endless varieties of cream cheese.
Attendees were able to cast votes for their favorite bagel after sampling. The winning vendor will receive the "people's choice" award.
A panel of bagel experts were also there to judge each of the vendors and decide who deserves the coveted title of “best bagel in New York.”
Sam Silverman, the festival’s founder, came up with the event five years ago after discovering that New York had never held a festival dedicated to bagels.
“I was going to a bunch of food festivals around the city, and I thought to myself, ‘I need to go to the next bagel festival.’ I looked it up, and I found out it had never been done in the history of New York, which seemed totally crazy to me. The bagel is an iconic New York food,” he said.
Silverman made it his mission to change that.
“Bagelfest is a celebration of all things bagel, it is the biggest bagel celebration in the world,” he said.
The event continues Sunday at the City Point in downtown Brooklyn. Tickets start at $49.