Families left frustrated as Midwood school pivots to remote learning after migrant move due to storm

Families of students at James Madison High School in Midwood were scrambling to figure out a day of remote learning following Tuesday night's storm.
New York City officials say around 2,000 migrants had to be evacuated from the housing tent on Floyd Bennett Field Tuesday due to heavy winds and rain. Those migrants were sent to James Madison High School in Midwood using their own public transportation.
A bus taking the migrants back to Floyd Bennett Field was planned for Wednesday morning.
James Madison school officials made the decision to have Wednesday's classes go remote to avoid any potential crossover and crowding in the building.
The move is getting criticized from just about every side and every local elected official because of the headache it gives families who have to adjust on short notice.
Immigration advocates say it was only a matter of time until the weather put the migrants at risk at Floyd Bennett Field, and something like this could happen.
Assemblymember Michael Novakhov says he's working on legislation that would make it illegal to use schools as shelters.