Families of 9/11 victims team with City Council to call for end to Trump Golf Links

City Council members and the families of 9/11 victims are calling for the Trump Golf Links in the Bronx to have its license terminated ahead of the Saudi-backed LIV tournament next month.  
The city has ended contracts with some of former President Donald Trump’s other ventures, dating back to 2021 following the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.  
The Central Park Carousel and two ice skating rinks were stripped of his name, and legislators want the golf course to follow suit.  
“Public parkland should not be in the hands of Donald Trump or his criminal enterprise,” said City Council Member Shekar Krishnan. 
This push comes as Trump Golf Links is set to host the LIV golf league, a Saudi-backed golf tournament. Sept. 11 survivors and their families are calling it a throat punch.  
“He’s clearly focused on making money and suppressing the narrative that the kingdom of Saudi Arabia was here,” said Tim Forlich, member of 9/11 Justice. “They plotted and executed these attacks and he’s in business with them now."
City Council members are asking for the Trump Organization’s license with Ferry Point Park to be terminated this Saturday so it can potentially cancel the LIV golf tournament here in October, but the Parks Department says there is more to it than that.  
A written testimony from the Parks Department described the issue as the following: 
“…Termination of the License would lead to a multimillion-dollar payment to Trump Ferry Point LLC. Given the City’s budget situation, termination at will - as you are suggesting - would be irresponsible at this time." 
Eric Trump released a statement, saying the City Council should focus on crime and New Yorkers fleeing the city instead of harassing Trump.