Family demands change in how police respond to incidents involving the mentally ill

The family of Eudes Pierre is demanding changes in how police respond to those experiencing a mental health episode. 
Pierre, 26, died nearly one year ago after the police responded to a call near the Utica Avenue subway station. Officers say they used a stun gun to try and stop the 26-year-old as he held a kitchen knife. Police say he charged at them, which is when they open fired.  
His family is aiming to push "Eudes Pierre Law," which they say is needed when it comes to policing and the mentally ill. This comes after Mayor Eric Adams announced a plan giving first responders legal authority to remove the mentally ill from city streets into hospitals.  
“To take someone against they will… it doesn't sound like we are living in the USA,” says Rev Kevin McCall. “It sounds like we are living in another country.” 
Legal representatives previously told News 12 a lawsuit was filed against the state and the NYPD in Pierre’s death. A spokesperson for the NYC law department says they will review the case in October.