Family of man fatally shot by police officers during traffic stop in 2019 continues to call for justice

The family of a man who was shot and killed by police during a traffic stop is still fighting for those three officers to be brought to justice three years later. 
Allan Feliz died during a traffic stop after he was shot once in the chest. The traffic stop involved NYPD officers Edward Barrett, Michele Almanzar, and Sgt. Jonathan Rivera on October 17, 2019. His family stood at the Civilian Complaint Review Board headquarters on Monday to call for the police officers involved to be brought to justice. 
Feliz was stopped by police for not wearing a seatbelt, but his family says that bodycam footage proves Feliz was wearing one. 
Samy Feliz, his brother, is demanding answers from the CCRB. He says it’s unfair for the board to “continue to drag its feet for the past few years in an attempt to protect these dangerous officers from discipline and keep the CCRB from investigating."
Feliz says the board told him it needs at least another six months to investigate potential misconduct charges by the NYPD officers. Feliz's family says this is due to the NYPD holding records back that are needed for the case.
"It shouldn't take two-and-a-half to three years to determine whether officers that unjustly stopped, beat and tased an unarmed man to be disciplined,” says Feliz. 
The family is demanding the officers be terminated and arrested. 
“Life is being taken by those who are put out there to protect us,” says Feliz, “It doesn't give us a sense of security when we go outside every day to live our lives."
The family also says they’ve reviewed the officers’ records and found out they have a history of being violent.
The CCRB provided the following statement regarding the investigation:
“The FID finished their investigation in June of this year at which point the NYPD provided the CCRB with the police paperwork, BWC footage, and other evidence related to this incident. The CCRB resumed its investigation upon receipt of this information and is moving forward with this case."