Family says they fear the rain due to constant flooding in their home

A family living in Claremont says they now are scared every time it’s expected to rain because of the flooding that always comes with it in their home.  
Vanessa Serrano and her son have been dealing with damaged walls, wet clothes and soaked shoes due to flooding that happened from Sunday’s rain, and that this type of flooding isn't new. Serrano and her daughter say they noticed water flooding their hallways that came from the bathroom during the rain, and that it even reached their neighbor’s apartment.  
Serrano says that they called the New York City Housing Authority and was told it would be a 24-hour wait before other residents called as well and said it was an urgent matter, getting them to come within a few hours. She says this is a constant occurrence and that as someone with diabetes and high blood pressure, she and her son are worried this constant flooding could impact her health.  
“The more water we get out, more water was coming,” said Serrano. “They fix it, and three days later or four days later it’s the same thing.” 
News 12 reached out to NYCHA and received the following statement:  
"NYCHA staff have responded to the unit to address flooding conditions and have traced the issue to a sewage line outside of the building. We are working with an assigned vendor to resolve these conditions as soon as possible.”