FDNY Battalion 57 holds 9/11 procession at Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph

A delegation of FDNY members made their way over the Brooklyn Bridge to the Co-Cathedral of St. Joseph Sunday for a special Mass commemorating 9/11.
Members of the FDNY's Battalion 57 led a procession to the church, carrying flags for each of the 23 members of the battalion who lost their lives at the World Trade Center 21 years ago. They also have a flag for the brother of one of the battalion's members who also died on that day.
“It's important we commemorate it because the same heroes that rushed into those buildings to care for others on that day still continue to serve our city,” says Bishop Robert Brennan.
Many of the friends and family of those fallen FDNY members also attended the event to pay their respect on this day of commemoration.
“I lost my brother Tom Kelly, he was in [Ladder] 105 along with all the other members of this company,” says Bob Kelly. “This is a tradition that is close to us and something we will always do.”
The event also helps to ensure the legacy of those who gave their lives to save others carries on.
“There's a lot of kids and young people who were not alive when it happened,” says Chief Joseph Mcgee, retired Luitenant of FDNY Engine 219/ Ladder 105. “So it's our job to make them remember.”