FDNY: Arrest made in arson of Cardi B’s nail tech’s salon

The FDNY confirmed the arrest of a person they say is responsible for a fire that tore through the new business of Cardi B’s nail tech.  
The fire that took place nearly a month ago on East Tremont Avenue was allegedly started by Nguyen Bui, the husband of the nail salon owner Jenny Bui. 
Video shows Nguyen Bui igniting two separate napkins and throwing them onto a pile of boxes at the salon back on Sept. 28. The video was recovered by investigators and shows how quickly the fire turned serious.  
Jenny Bui says that she lost at least $100,000 worth of items just ahead of her salon’s grand opening, and says that she had yet to transfer her insurance to the new business.  
“I never think he did it because when they had the fire, the husband came. He was crying,” said Shalu Malik, a nearby business owner.  
Nguyen Bui faces charges of arson, criminal mischief and reckless endangerment at this time.