FDNY: E-scooter battery caused fire at Bronx motorsports dealership

An e-scooter battery was found at the center of another Bronx fire that broke out at a motorsports dealership on East Tremont Avenue.  
According to fire officials, the battery of the scooter caught on fire inside of the store. FDNY members say the scene could’ve been much worse if it weren’t for the speedy reactions of store employees and firefighters.  
Firefighters on scene say the scooter began smoking inside of the store, erupting and starting the fire. They say they were able to remove the scooter from the store and out onto the sidewalk before the battery exploded a second time.  
FDNY officials say it’s a miracle the fire didn’t spread to other bikes in the store. Bronx residents say that there needs to be a solution for people and businesses that use these forms of transportation.  
“It’s like a dilemma… sometimes the e-bikes seem like a nuisance, but they keep people working as far as Uber Eats and stuff like that,” said Arnold De La Cruz, a Tremont resident.  
Two people suffered minor injuries as a result of the fire, and the store is intact.