FDNY honors those lost on 9/11 and from related illnesses at Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance

Members of the FDNY honored those lost both on 9/11 and those who died from 9/11-related illnesses at the Brooklyn Wall of Remembrance in Coney Island.
Ladders 106, 169 and others read the names of the firefighters, police officers and others who lost their lives saving others on September 11, 2001. Bells were also rang to symbolize the moment each tower fell.
The wall contains the names and pictures of those that lost their lives in the terrorist attack.
Members of the FDNY say it is important to remember that the health of some people who were near the towers is still being impacted to this day. 
The death toll from 9/11-related illnesses is now nearing 343 – the number of firefighters that died on that fateful day.
"Rescue workers should be appreciated for what they do,” says Battalion Chief Michael Mandala. “It's hard and dangerous work and it could cost you your life."
The event puts into perspective how devastating that day was from new firefighters and their families. 
“It was very, very special for me to stay here and read the names and also get to share it with my family,” says Vincent Castania of Ladder 169. “We stick together…and we're still trying and we're going to try every single year."