FDNY honors veteran firefighter who was killed in Afghanistan with memorial plaque in Morrisania

Members of the FDNY in Morrisania Thursday dedicated a memorial plaque for hero firefighter Christopher Slutman who was killed in Afghanistan two years ago.
Those close to Slutman, a decorated firefighter, staff sergeant, marine and devoted family man, said he possessed admirable qualities and more.
"His officers described him as a total professional, and a type of firefighter that everybody wanted to have in their firehouse," said FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro.
The 15-year veteran firefighter who was killed along with two other Marine servicemen in a roadside bombing in Afghanistan.
"He didn't have to be there, he chose to, and that makes him an even more remarkable man," New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said.
Slutman led a life of service through the FDNY, where he was a member of both Firehouses ladder 17 and 27 as well as a staff sergeant in the Marines.
In 2014, he was awarded the Fire Chief's Association Memorial medal for rescuing an unconscious woman from a high-rise fire in the Bronx.
Slutman's widow Shannon said her better half was not only a role model for their three daughters, but above all, he was humble in his service to others. She shared a personal story where he withdrew money from an ATM to help two strangers at restaurant.
"You could tell they were, you know, grunts, and he puts money at each of the tables and he tells the guys, 'You take care of each other. You have each others' back,' and then he just walked out. He didn't tell anybody else about it and that's just one example of some of the things he would do in order to promote excellence in others," she said.
Officials said the plaque at his firehouse is a reminder of Slutman's service to his city and his country.