FDNY: NYC swimmers should exercise caution due to rip current concerns this Labor Day weekend

FDNY officials are warning swimmers to stay out of the water, after seeing an increase in the number of water rescues made in the last few days throughout NYC beaches.  
"Conditions change minute by minute, but, especially now being that there are three hurricanes in the Atlantic. They are hundreds of miles away but, they’re producing enough action to impact the shorelines here," said Captain Mike Romano, who overseas FDNY's Water Rescue Unit. "If you’re in an area where you see red flags up or the stands, being unoccupied, we don’t want anyone in the water."
The NYC Parks Department placed red flags throughout several NYC beaches Thursday, including Coney Island. This comes as there is an active rip current warning due to conditions from Hurricanes Idalia and Franklin, both making their way up the east coast. 
"We are continuing to monitor the forecast and currents, and will take appropriate action as necessary," Dan Kastanis, NYC Parks Department said.
Currently, city beaches are on schedule to continue to stay open throughout the holiday weekend. However, NYC Parks Department officials are reminding swimmers to be cautious.
"New Yorkers are reminded to only swim when lifeguards are on duty, and to never swim in closed sections of beaches.", Kastanis said. 
Meanwhile, Coney Island beachgoers who planned on enjoying the last days of summer in the water, now say they are having a change of heart, after seeing high tides moving in.