FDNY shows off latest drones for saving New Yorkers

The FDNY showed off its brand-new drone technology on Friday that is designed to help save New Yorkers in crisis.  
The drones are able to do aerial triage and get critical treatment to patients during crisis situations, particularly in wide-search areas such as the garage collapse last month in Manhattan.
The demo took place at Fort Totten as part of the FDNY’s Search and Rescue Field Medicine Symposium to showcase how EMTs will use the drone tech during emergencies.  
Drones are able to locate targets, assess if they are injured and the extent of their injuries, and use heat signatures to pick up people in a building or structure. The camera helps to determine if they are saving a person or animal and can show first responders if a patient is breathing while communicating with those in need through a microphone.  
FDNY officials say this allows first responders to collect information and direct resources specifically to where it is needed.  
There are two dozen drones currently in the fleet.