Feeling frosty? Freezing temperatures approach the coast this weekend

Dust off those ice scrapers -- it will get frosty Monday morning across New York City. For others in the tri-state area, frosty conditions are expected for Saturday night as well.
As a cold Canadian high-pressure system moves into our area this weekend, it will bring down the coldest air of the season so far. For areas that have not yet seen their first frost or freeze, it is expected to happen either Saturday or Sunday night.
Low temperatures Sunday morning are expected to be below 36 degrees for the entire tri-state area except for parts of New York City and the South Shore of Long Island. Frost forms on colder surfaces like cars and grass. Temperatures at 36 degrees or colder with light winds is the perfect recipe for frost to form.
It gets even colder Sunday night as low temperatures are expected to dip down to 32 degrees, even at the coastline, including New York City. A widespread frost and freeze could happen simultaneously come Monday morning for the city and coastline. Having the ice scrapers and adding a few extra minutes to the commute time for drivers is recommended.
This first frost on Sunday night comes right on schedule for New York City, as the first frost typically occurs between Nov. 11 and 20 for most of the five boroughs, except the Bronx north of the Cross Bronx (I-95) and parts of Staten Island. Those areas did see their first frost on Nov. 2 when temperatures fell to 33 degrees in Riverdale, also on time climatologically.
It is important to move sensitive plants inside if possible, as the growing season likely comes to an end for most of the tri-state area by Sunday night.
Expect to see frost advisories and possible freeze warnings closer to the coast for areas that have not yet seen freezing temperatures this fall. Stay with the News 12 Storm Watch Team updating you as the alerts are issued.