First-generation NYPD detective works to bridge gap between Asian community and police

News 12 continues to celebrate Women’s History Month by honoring a first-generation Chinese-American NYPD detective who’s working to bridge the gap between the Asian community and the police department.  
Detective Suk Too is one of the many ears and eyes patrolling the streets of New York for the NYPD, often operating out of Sunset Park. She’s worked to protect New Yorkers for the last 19 years, and is now working to bridge the gap in her community. 
“As an Asian immigrant myself, me and my parents wouldn’t speak with anyone other than our own,” said Too.  
As a first-generation child, she learned all too well the day-to-day challenges of getting by with English as a second language. 
“The language barrier, and the fear of being reported…. they’re more vulnerable of being the victim of a crime,” said Too about fellow members of the Asian community.  
Too is now taking initiative to be a voice to translate and an ear to listen for Asian New Yorkers, while helping other officers to do the same thing.  
Detective Too says the key to this is building meaningful relationships within the community. “We’re in the Chinatown of Brooklyn, you can see everyone’s Asian…. I know the culture and they’ll be open to speaking with officers like myself.” 
Too and other members of the NYPD say that they have noticed more people speaking up in the community, thanks to the expansion of translation.  
Too says the true test will be how many people continue the ongoing conversations among the community, but she is proud that she has helped the discussions get started.