First-time father delivers baby in back seat of car

A first-time father had to deliver his own baby in the back seat of his car just minutes after doctors told his wife she was not ready to give birth.
Parents Samoia and Kester Leach said their daughter was not due until April 28 but on the morning of April 21, Samoia said she knew she was going into labor.
The couple drove to Methodist Hospital, only to get sent away. 
"They told us that we weren't ready yet. That I was in early term labor. And they sent us home and within a 10-minute car ride, she came out in the car,” said Samoia Leach.
Kester says they weren’t too far from the hospital when he immediately had to pull over on Nostrand Avenue as people crowded around their car.
"I got in the back seat with her, removed her clothes, the paramedics started coming up the block, at that point the baby started coming and she just popped out on the back of the Subaru seat. It was unbelievable,” said Kester Leach.
They say they then rushed back to the hospital.